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Sentinel Data Retrieval, LLC provides services to companies of all sizes for the purpose of verification and Screening. We hope your organization will join our list of satisfied customers that includes many of the Fortune 500. Below is a brief description of some of our current service offerings:

  • County Criminal Search

County level criminal searches are the most current and reliable source of criminal information. These criminal background checks are performed by directly accessing courthouse records using the Predominately Used Index (PUI) at minimum plus the option to extend the search to include smaller courts within a particular jurisdiction or extend the scope of the search to include further sources or dates. County criminal searches include: felony and misdemeanor cases with detailed reports with description of charges and dispositions and any other relevant information.

  • U.S. Federal Criminal & Civil Searches

Charges involving federal law are processed through the United States Federal District Courts as investigated and prosecuted by the relevant Federal government agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Some examples of Federal criminal charges include embezzlement, tax evasion, bank robbery, securities fraud, and drug trafficking. Records returned in the event of a positive match will include cases with detailed reports with description of charges and dispositions or any other relevant information.

  • County Civil Search

Requests are done at the county level. Records can be searched by plaintiff or defendant. Records reported include plaintiff, defendant, and cause of action, date of filing, and disposition or current status. In most cases, civil searches will require a file pull in order to complete the inquiry as accurately as possible.

  • Criminal State Repository Search (where available)

Even though not all counties reports are regularly in sync with the States’ Bureau of Investigation or State Police and the available report may not be complete or up to date, a statewide search can be a good start or a complement to relevant county searches since it may allow for less cost prohibitive way of potentially covering counties not searched individually at the county court level.

  • Record/Copy Retrieval

Various types of clients ranging from security companies, pre-employment screening companies, due diligence firms, law offices, settlement companies and others use our document retrieval services across the United States. Whether your needs are to confirm the validity of previously obtained or abstracted information, substantiate information found online, or settle a claim, we can retrieve the necessary documents available at the court or jurisdiction requested. This service requires pre-payment for non-established clients.

  • Bail-out Search Service

For a nominal fee that may have to be prepaid, we also offer “bail-out services” for those situations where you find yourself in a bind and are not able to get a hold of your current researcher even if you are not an pre-existing client of ours. Please call for pricing and turn around times.

  • International Reports

These include foreign country Criminal Searches, international Employment Verification, Education Verification, Global Government Watch List, International Civil Suits, Judgments and Bankruptcy Searches and International Business Searches.

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